Most beautiful view in the world

The law of gravity is a fact. The collapse of the Roman Empire is a fact.
Stick with me… I’m getting somewhere with this! 

I was asked what is the most beautiful view I’ve seen while travelling. My mind blanked! It was overwhelming for a few seconds, because I was going through places and situations in my head in fast forward. But then it all made sense to me. There was a pattern to my selections.


The most beautiful view in all the places I’ve been to is the view towards Arusha from the Horombo camp on Kilimanjaro, right before sunrise and right after sunset. It makes you feel tiny and insignificant in the eyes of the world. You question your existence and end up feeling humbled.

Although, most beautiful is also the view of Chaquiccocha at sunrise from the chaquiccocha campsite on Urubamba in the Andes. I cannot describe with words what I saw when I unzipped my tent at 6:00 am. The closest image I could give you (that doesn’t do it justice), is a lake of clouds that flow like waves on a beach, in and out of the base of it’s surrounding snow peaked green and stone mountains. There! I made it!

When I think of these images, another pops in mind. And I really need to add it or else I’m basically a liar if I don’t mention it!

One of the most ‘silent’, cannot-look-away views I’ve witnessed, is the Matterhorn from literally ANY angle, as long as you are at over half of its altitude. I’ve seen it in winter time and I NEED to see it in the summer. There is nothing around the mountain, apart from more mountains, which makes you forget that you are on earth. We grow up thinking that the earth is composed of cities and people, because this is what we are exposed to all our lives.

Seeing this view almost ‘feels’ like looking down from Horombo, in the sense that you feel secluded and small. But I would add that seeing the Matterhorn, is a much less romantic slap in the face. A certain fear overcomes you, in the thought that if you had nothing other than yourself to survive there, you’re dead! That’s when you realise how weak you are are a being in the face of such a harsh mountain. I actually feel that feeling as I type this which is so cool to me! You will never forget this view if you pay it the time it deserves when you go.

I could go on and on forever about these and many other places, but I’ll leave it all at that for the sake of finishing this post.

My pattern, as I discovered, is high altitude. And this is what made me think of the facts that I mentioned at the beginning. (This is officially a ramble!!!)

We all have our own perspective on every little thing that happened, is happening or wish would happen around us AND far from us. In other words, we all have our own opinions. We even have an opinion about facts!

There is someone out there saying that such and such place owns the absolute first place out of all beautiful views. But this can never be true. No one view, or angle of a view, can be the most beautiful, because it is simply subject to the person that is looking. That person has his own ambitions, fears and experiences, which determine if something is pleasant or not to the viewer. There is no amount of logic that will make a person objectively love or hate anything because they surface illogically.

Honestly, I tried really hard to pick one, but it was impossible even though they are all alike, as far as theme goes.

So! To wrap this up: the ‘best view’ is subjective, but not as subjective as we believe: we pick what we are emotionally invested in, what we consider ‘worth the trip’ movie moments, which of course differs from one person to another. Personally, I am emotionally invested in the places I mentioned, either due to hiking towards them or because I just feel comfortable above or in the clouds.

But my recommendations are only a few of many opinions out there. The best way to find the best view in the world is to explore it little by little, no matter what other people find beautiful. Others might say that Iceland underwater is the best view you’ll ever see. But you might be afraid of the water like me and the thought of being underwater is overpowering your urge to see one the most geologically amazing out-of-this-world views on the planet.

As I love to challenge my fears, of course the scenario above is on my bucket list, but in the furthest future possible when I hope the adventurous voice in my head, forgets it!!!

💭 Go Explore with your own senses and keep everyone’s opinions in the back of your mind as what they are. Opinions!


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