Ahh.. New beginnings! Some people fear them and others thrive on them!

A friend came to me one day wanting to tell me how much she was being bullied at work. How underappreciated she was and in what demeaning way she was treated. She was called slow, with no initiative and several other great things every well-talented manager should tell an employee to encourage productivity… I was sarcastic. Did you get that? I’m bad at this! *facepalm*

The girl had argued that nothing was true using examples, but that wasn’t what I was thinking as she was going through the list of issues she was facing.

What really struck me was that she was bullied to a point that she was second guessing her skills!

My friend is witty, loves problem solving, is always considerate of people’s feelings and has high work ethics. In my opinion, the ‘problem’ is that she doesn’t like office politics and tried to steer clear from the moment she was hired.

Based on my office experiences, there is no company in which office politics don’t exist. I guess it’s human nature to form them, no matter how small or big the society is.

My 2 cents to my friend was that she needed to move on, since either way she had future plans away from the country and to a place that she lived and loved for many years. If not now, when?

We made a plan on how she would transition to quitting, in order to leave on good terms without having the high stationed office politicians ruining her name and we just kept on focusing on what would happen in the after-quit period.

I believe it was 1 month down the line when she announced that she will be quitting in a week and moving away in a month. My girl is a badass!

That was almost a year ago!

Her current status: at the country of her choice, working at a much better job (management and salary wise), reunited with her boyfriend and her best friends.

Happiness is shining through her eyes again!

This is an action most people don’t even consider for several reasons: peer pressure to stay, fear, other comforts, illusion of safety, loans, possessions, low self-esteem etc.

If you focus on the wrong goals, you end up on the wrong road. Revise what/who is important in life and before writing anything down, make sure to add your name first on the list.


I have many success but also failure stories that I could deliver in this form of short storytelling. Let me know down below at the comments or privately if you prefer more/fewer details.


Revise your plans and Explore the possibilities that surround you.
Nicole xx


2 thoughts on “Goodbye!

  1. Please continue! This is a very powerful post and I enjoyed it immensely! Being a survivor of bullying, I love reading stories like this with a happy ending. And I’m so proud of your friend for taking the risk, quitting her toxic job, and moving back where she’s happiest! That takes a truckload of courage!

    Thank you so much for this post! It definitely put a smile on my face!


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