RENT makes me happy!

I think I know all the RENT songs! That’s what I thought after 40 minutes of sing along while driving to work!

I’m just writing a quick post to say a few things before I get to work:

Firstly, tomorrow I fly for Peru and I’m not even finished packing but I keep telling myself “it’s fine”!

This my first international flight where I’ll be with my brother, who has never been outside Europe, which is super exciting for me!

I will try to check in whenever there is WIFI.


Also, for whoever can understand greek, there is a series of presentations all over Cyprus, done by Constantinos Koushiappis that I cannot recommend enough. This is for whoever is interested (or just curious!) about long-term/budget travel or would like to know more about his travels by motorbike in Europe (not only mainland).

I just need to point out that the presentation below is in greek, but he can speak English very well, so if you’re interested don’t let the fact that you don’t know greek hold you back! Have a chat and ask many many questions! He’s cool about it!

Today’s presentation is in Nicosia, the link below has all the info that you need, but if you have any questions that I might be able to help with let me know, via email, messenger, contact form.

Ο γυρος της Ευρώπης με μοτοσυκλετα.

You can see all the episodes that he filmed during his trip, on YouTube on his channel ridegaia.



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